pizzacat (Pizza cat goes viral)

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The original Pizza cat created by Official Genius, Uncle Grumpy Inc and Smallest Giant.

The original Pizzacat meme was created with a little cold pizza a cat and a dream.
Dammit that dream came true.
Pizzacat was born.
videos followed which were so amazing and incredible.
you will hate everything you have seen prior to an official pizzacat video
and can only view all the other content that isn’t the official pizzacat
as weaker in many ways.

Recent fame and internet stardom such as being featured on or the official grumpy cat community page.  Through all of this the pizza cat stays grounded. follow pizza on ig and twitter @the_pizzacat
“pizza cat gets drunk and eats fucking pizza.”

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official genius pizza cat


most epic we outchea

most epic we outchea

Officialgenius pug

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